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About Us

Who We Are?

At CFRC, we are focused on providing medical, surgical, and rehabilitative pre-release services to birds of prey with the highest level of patient care.

The center was founded by Martin and Dr. Joni Gnyp, DVM, both licensed falconers and active conservationists.

Cape Fear Raptor Center is a NC Non-Profit Corporation and is currently establishing 501c3 status.

As the Center grows, we plan on building our education program, and increase our community involvement in helping teach people the importance of raptors in our local ecosystem.

Why Us?

CFRC operates out of a generous donation of caging and housing space at Rocky Point Animal Hospital, PA. The hospital is a 5500 square foot facility with full surgical & diagnostic capabilities making it very convienent to operate and rehabilitate these birds. Also by having the birds housed on site at the veterinary clinic, it eleminates the stress of transporting birds for procedures.

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