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CFRC Incorporates

Exciting work is underprogress at CFRC.  We just underwent incorporation as a NonProfit Corporation in the State of North Carolina.  We are in the process of waiting for the approval of our 501c3 status.  Once that is approved, we will start larger efforts for fundraising in the months ahead.

In 2013, CFRC treated 20 raptors, 9 different species, released 3 birds back to their natural habitat, transferred 3 birds either to education permits or other facilities and recieved 1 transfer from another facility for evaluation.  We fed over 1000 mice to the birds, and attended over 20 education talks/programs with our education birds.  Not too bad for our first 9 months!

Our expenses at Rocky Point Animal Hospital, PA during our first 9 month (Year 2013) were just over $10,000.  Hopefully, we can find some volunteers who would like to help spear head some fundraining efforts for CFRC!

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