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Happenings in the hospital...

Cape Fear Raptor Center has two new patients! A Barred Owl and a Screech Owl. The adorable little Screech Owl just arrived today and is suffering from head trauma! Thank goodness one of our wonderful clients found him in a ditch and called us! The Barred Owl came in on the 26th with an injury that would mirror a broken collar bone in a human. So far the Barred Owl is responding to treatment and will staying with us for 5 weeks for treatment/therapy! Stay tunned to see their progress! We are excited with the response to the CFRC from the public! We are getting calls almost every day. Please visit our website for more info. Donations can be made through the website now and are GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for helping us help these great birds!

 The adorable little Screech Owl!

 The regal Barred Owl just finishing lunch!

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