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"Harris" the Bald Eagle from Harris Lake Area, North Carolina

"Harris" the Bald Eagle has been given the chance for life... and so begins his journey with Cape Fear Raptor Center as his partner in rehabilitation and, hopefully, release back to the Harris Lake area Special thanks to Duke Energy and all of the caring employees at Harris Nuclear Plant for your generous support of "Harris"  and your concern with his well being.    "Harris" will undergo surgery tomorrow for his fractured Right Humerus.  Hope for "Harris" Blogspot will be a place for his many followers and friends to watch his progress, cheer him on, and give him support.  He is going to need it, as he has a long road ahead for recovery.  With a pinch of luck and some good old fashioned faith, if "Harris's" fracture heals well, and he is cooperative with the many sessions of physical therapy he will need, there is a chance, albeit small insize, that he can be released to the wild.  That is Cape Fear Raptor Center's Hope for "Harris".  Watch and cheer him on as he "Spreads His Wings" for a long road to recovery!!

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"Harris" is on his 4th day out of surgery.  He is doing very well, with strong food drive, relatively calm demeanor, and no signs of infection.  I will post weekly "blogs" about his condition and reha


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