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Harris Update #1 April 5th, 2015

"Harris" is on his 4th day out of surgery.  He is doing very well, with strong food drive, relatively calm demeanor, and no signs of infection.  I will post weekly "blogs" about his condition and rehabilitation timeline so that everyone could see what "Harris" is "hoping" for.

Week One: During this week, Harris needs to learn to eat in captivity and to stay calm in the presence of humans.  The use of a "hood" will be instrumental in conditioning him to the sounds of human activity around him.  We are also conditioning him to a special sound at feeding time. During the first week, we will receive preliminary bloodwork back and cultures of his open fracture and wound.  The culture will allow us to know what antibiotics are best to keep infection out of the bone and wound area. Hopefully, "Harris" will start eating his medication in a mouse, so that we can limit handling him for medication administration, as this is very stressful for him.

Check back next Sunday, for the Week Two update.  Keep the support, donations, and well wishes coming for "Harris".  Sign his Fan page at

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