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Lead Poisoning and our Newest Patient

CFRC received an immature Bald Eagle on April 4th, 2013.  He was found in the Snead's Ferry area in a parking lot, unable to fly or walk.  He was transferred to another rehabilitation center in the Jacksonville area, and then Cape Fear Raptor Center was notified and he was sent to us. 

His symptoms were classic lead poisoning signs- inability to lift head, knuckling of feet and talons, lethargic, and unable to stand.  He received medication to chelate the lead immediatley that night and by the next morning he was much improved and eating for us. 

He will need to stay with us until all the lead is out of his system... this could be several weeks to several months... and then he needs to get back in shape and strong enough to fly and hunt again.

The Bald Eagle's medication for lead posioning is extremely expensive SO ANY HELP WITH DONATIONS is GREATLY APPRECIATED!

When he is better and flying strongly, we will be able to have a big public release event in his honor.  Keep checking with us so that you can see him "Spread His Wings" on release day!

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