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New Patients and a BIG THANKS

The Cape Fear Raptor Center wanted to give everyone an update on currently admitted patients.  We have a Female Red Shoulder Hawk that has been with us for the last 2 weeks.  She is healing from a Coracoid fracture to her left side.  The Coracoid is like the shoulder blade or clavicle in a person. This kind of fracture needs stabilization with a special type of bandage for four weeks and cage rest.  She did not need surgery and is doing great!  She is very vocal and can't wait to be released.  We expect to release her in about 1 month.

We also have a beautiful Great horned Owl in the hospital.  We believe he is a male, based on size and weight.  One of our wonderful volunteers met the people who found the bird half way in White Lake.  The Great Horned Owl came all the way from Lumberton.  Thanks for your volunteer effort Kara!  "Walter", as he is now called, sustained an eye injury that left his right eye lacerated.  We were unable to save the eye or the vision in his eye, but he underwent surgery this morning and is doing great.  He will be placed in a Raptor Center's Education program to help educate people about these powerful predators and how they rely on their environment to survive!

Lastly, we wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to a generous donor.  This gentleman from Clinton, NC gave a large donation of money to the CFRC when he brought in an Eastern Screech Owl he found injured on Hwy 421.  This poor little owl did not survive his injuries...but the good news to this story is his donation has helped A LOT of other raptors!  The CFRC purchased Astroturf mats for the rehabilitation cages and to make perch surfaces from this Gentlemans generous donation.  The birds say A BIG THANKS!


We will keep you posted on how our magnificent birds are healing!

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