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"Harris" the Bald Eagle

Hope for "Harris"

The Bald Eagle from Harris Lake, Wake County, North Carolina

On March 31st, 2015, a 4 Year Old Male Bald Eagle was admitted to Cape Fear Raptor Center. Named "Harris" after the lake he lived on, he was severely injured with a right humerus fracture. His life was at risk, along with freedom. He was rescued by Mr. Steve Stone of American Wildlife Refuge in Raleigh, North Carolina. Together with USFWS, a rehabilitation facility was sought for the Bald Eagle to transfer for further medical care and surgical intervention for the fracture he sustained. At Cape Fear Raptor Center, "Harris" has found his home, at least for the first part of his journey, with the hopes of release back into the wild.

Duke Energy has made a significant donation to help support the medical needs of "Harris" as he recovers. Thank you Duke Energy for your commitment to conservation and supporting the ecosystem and wildlife. Thanks also to the many Duke Energy employees for their support of "Harris", both in well wishes and donations. Because of you, there is "Hope for Harris"!

Support Cape Fear Raptor Center and the fight to give "Harris" his flight back and the freedom he deserves!

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