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Hope for "Harris" Fanpage

Join "Harris" the Bald Eagle's Fan Page. Sign up, follow his progress, and help support "Harris" as Cape Fear Raptor Center works to get him back on his feet, and back in the sky!

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Dee Glazier

Hello to all the raptor lovers at Cape Fear Raptor Center. I just want to thank you so much for taking care of Harris.

For those reading this who are unfamiliar with his story, I will fill you in. Steve Stone from American Wildlife Refuge received a call about an injured bald eagle that was located at Harris Lake. When he contacted me and asked for assistance with rescue and transport, I went to pick up Harris. Two gentlemen had originally found him lying on the boat ramp barely breathing, and in severe pain. They made a phone call to the Park Rangers and, despite the fact that it was a cold, wet, and windy day, they all remained at the scene until my arrival. After transporting him to the Avian and Exotic Animal Hospital, Harris received emergency care from Dr. Dan Johnson and all of his wonderful staff members. Finally permission was granted to relocate him to the Cape Fear Raptor Center - where he now receives the expert care that he needs so badly.

Harris has proven to be a wonderful example of what happens when individuals who do not know each other pull together for the sake of one eagle in need of care. Thanks to all who became involved - it is because of you that he remains alive today.

* Fly again my friend...

Tom Bottoms

No telling how many times my family and I may have seen this beautiful creature soaring over Harris Lake, while we were out enjoying some quality time on the water. The eagles can often be seen flying over the very end of the southeastern channel of the lake, all the way at the back of the "big circle." One of them will sometimes perch above the boaters anchoring near the shore, where it seems he or she is curiously checking out what the folks are doing. I am struck in reverence by the magnificence of this, one of God's most amazing living creations! I also appreciate what these creatures stand for in our culture: liberty, freedom, fierce determination! As an employee of Harris Nuclear Plant, thank you for caring for Harris, the eagle. You should take pride in the nurture you are giving him, and being good stewards of this planet God has given us. I hope to see Harris soaring over the lake again, soon!

Melissa balch

Hope you have a great recovery Harris! You've got some dedicated folks taking care of you!

Lori W

I have to agree with Jennifer Lee! You guys are truly amazing people. Made my day to see Harris eating so well after surgery. Get well soon Harris!

Jennifer Perkins

I am so glad Harris is in good hands now! I just love these amazing creatures, as soon as I saw the call for help from the American Wildlife Refugee I started calling some places but never knew about you guys! This looks like a wonderful place and I look forward to following Harris with hope of getting to see him in person one day and helping out in anyway that I can! Thanks to everyone who has assisted in his care! You are all truly special people!

Trish Huffman

Thank you for taking this beautiful guy in and repairing his wing. I, too, am hopeful.

A special thanks to Duke Energy and the Harris Lake Nuclear plant and all of its employees... you have stood behind the Eagles that have chosen your lake to be their home. Our hats off to you!

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