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GHOW (Great Horned Owl)

Admission Date: 10-08-2014

Location of Rescue: NC (County Unknown)

Cause of Injury: Gunshot

Admission Evaluation & Diagnosis:

Fracture of left wing,

Fracture of left radius

Prognosis: Good

Name: 'Andy'

Andy's wing fracture was stabilized and he is resting quietly.

Latest Update: 10-27-2014

Examination & x-rays show that a callus is forming at the injury site which indicates healing is occurring. Andy's condition continues to improve. He will need to overwinter with us to allow for his missing primary feathers to moult in.

Latest Update: 11-10-2014

Andy sloughed off a talon sheath from the injury to his talon that was one of the injuries we noticed during his initial assessment. He was painful and began losing weight. He was brought in to ICU and Dr. Gnyp removed the talon sheath, placed him on pain medications and antibiotics. Andy is back to his top weight & improving.

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